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Jollifications: Tabata for explosive power and core strength



I was recently asked to put together a 5 minute workout with roller derby in mind and that could be done daily to buff up on explosive power and core strength.

I’m always a bit wary when it comes to set daily workouts because, although it is good to keep up a daily fitness routine, if you use the…

 Jolly is totally awesome.

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Tiger Bay Brawlers: EXCITING NEWS; Roller Derby Riot is our latest sponsor!


We’re SUPER excited to announce a new sponsorship deal with Roller Derby Riot, a derby-owned, derby-specific shop based here in Cardiff!

Roller Derby Riot is owned by Brawlers skater Dolly Dropkick and we were ecstatic when she approached us about sponsorship. Roller Derby Riot will…

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On Saturday I joined the Tiger Bay Brawlers B Team on the Brawler Bus for their bout against Wakey Wheeled Cats at Huddersfield Sports Centre. WWC put up a good fight but the Brawlers were all over them and came out victorious.  

I was dreading taking photos when we walked into the tango-orange hall, but the lighting was actually alright. I’d set myself some goals for this bout too; mainly trying to get closer to the action; filling the frame right from the off to avoid too much cropping down later on. Really happy with the results - see the full set on flickr here.

Photos from our B team bout vs. Wakey Wheeled Cats on Saturday 25 February. Enjoy :)

PS. Thanks Adam :)

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Tiger Bay Brawlers B Team

Skaters: Thrill Collins (C), Lola Coaster, Pricilla Deadly, Jen-Clawed Van Slamme, Ava Assassin, Pretty Grimm, Bloxie Blackout, Pip, Checkmate Cheetham, Torrible, Doris Danger, Edel, Brock n Roller, Devaskator

Bench: Kid Block, Boba Fettish

(taken on Saturday 25 February 2012 by Adam Chard)

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Tumble in the jungle

In February, our B Team take on Wakey Wheeled Cats in Huddersfield sports centre. The bout is on Saturday 24 February and tickets are on sale NOW for only £5 in advance (£6 on the door).You can get yours from here:

Local fans - we are running a Brawler bus from Cardiff and there are seats available. Get in touch if you want to come, we’d love to have you there.

The poster features the very lovely Doris Danger for the Brawlers - you can get her autograph on the day, we’re sure.

And to stay in the loop you can follow both teams on twitter: @tigerbaybrawler and @wakeywheeledcat


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i’ve done another shoot and Q&A for issue 2 of inside line magazine - this time i covered bb bombshell, a fixture in the early days of the UK roller derby community…now sadly moving back to australia. pick up the magazine and read all about her, and roller derby in britain. 

photography & article: elena goodrum

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